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We have the experience in virtually all-commercial property sectors and can draw on this experience to provide a full appraisal of the property asset.

Valuations are required for any number of reasons including:

  • Advice on sale, lettings and acquisitions
  • Loan security
  • Insurance valuations
  • Capital allowances
  • Compulsory purchase
  • Financial accounts
  • End of year reports
  • Take over and mergers
  • Strategic planning
  • Development appraisal.

Whatever the reason you require a property valuation, at London Professional Surveying Services we can assist. Please contact us for further information.

Service Charge

As part of our assessment of property costs we are one of the few companies in London which offer a full service charge analysis. If we believe that your service charge should be contested because it is too high, inappropriately apportioned, or contains questionable charges we will enter into discussions with the managing agents to resolve these issues. Should we be successful in gaining a reduction in your service charge our fee will be on a performance related basis.

In the past we have been successful saving as much as £75,000 for one of our clients in the City of London. Why pay more than you have to?

Building Surveying

When purchasing or leasing accommodation it is important to identify any disrepair or ongoing maintenance for which you will be liable. We are able to provide the services of an experienced Chartered Surveyor who can prepare a detailed report on the accommodation you are proposing to acquire.

During or at the end of a lease the Tenant may be called upon by the Landlord to undertake repairs to the property by service of a Schedule of Dilapidation's. Our Surveyor can advise whether the works required are reasonable and challenge the Schedule if necessary. A report at the commencement of the lease will also assist during these negotiations. Conversely, our Surveyor can prepare Schedules of Dilapidation's for Landlords and ensure that the Tenant carries out the required works.