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How To Achieve Additional Rates Savings

Business rates are a major occupational cost and we would be delighted to carry out an assessment appraisal to establish whether an appeal should be lodged. Even if we have already lodged an appeal on your behalf however, please be aware that there are still many ways in order to achieve a reduction in your rates. Please contact Rating 2000 if any of the following are applicable:

1. Empty property
If part or the whole of your property or floor is empty we may be able to claim empty rates relief on your behalf either through the appeal process or certification. It may even be possible to backdate this rates relief. With the government having scrapped empty relief for most properties after three or six months (depending on the type of property) as of April 2008, it is more important than ever that you seek advice on how best to minimise your empty rates liability.

2. Material Change of Circumstance (MCC)
Certain negative external factors can have a major affect on your enjoyment of the property. These factors may not necessarily be reflected in the rent that you pay, but could possibly be taken into account during the appeal process and, if successful, could reduce your rates liability substantially. One of the most common MCC appeals is a disturbance claim due to neighbouring buildings works, but other factors can also be considered in lodging an MCC appeal. For instance a retailer's business could be dramatically affected by the movement of a pedestrian crossing. The enjoyment of an industrial property might be greatly hindered by the closure of roads on the industrial estate. We have the experience necessary to deal with all types of rating appeals.

3. Refurbishment works
If you are planning to carry out refurbishment works or if you are in the middle of a programme of works, this could have a bearing on your rates as during the period of works you may be entitled to a void rate period. However, if the works result in a major improvement to the property or an increase in floor space, this could have the effect of increasing your rates liability in the long run. At Rating 2000 we would be delighted to look into this matter on your behalf and advise you how best to manage your programme of works with a view to minimising your current and future rates liability.

4. You have reduced or increased space or occupy additional premises
Companies expand and contract within a particular property or over several properties. If changes are either likely to take place or have already taken place we can provide advice on the best course of action to take in order to keep your liability to a minimum.

5. Valuation Office (VO) Notice for a Merger or Split
The Valuation Office must keep an accurate rating list. This means that the VO has to reflect any changes that have taken place to your premises by issuing a Valuation Office Notice (VON). If you receive a notice please pass on a copy to Rating 2000 as the original appeal may prove to be historic and a further appeal may need to be lodged against the Notice or new assessment.